How Your Website May Be Driving People Away


It is no secret that you created your website to drive traffic that turns to leads and sales— but what happens when your source of traffic and leads is actually turning people off and driving them away? That’s right. If your website has the ability to draw people in, it also has the ability to drive those people away.


Your website, as we have said before, is usually the first point of contact people have to your business. It says a lot about how you handle your affairs. A website that starts doing more harm than good, tells a customer that you have a tendency to neglect important things.


How do you know though, if your website is turning away traffics and leads?


Automatic background music

If you are anything like us, you like to have your own music playing in your years when you are scrolling the internet. You have got your iTunes or Spotify blasting in your ears— you click on a website and BOOM, loud background music attacks you from nowhere, totally ruining the flow of things.


It can be quite frustrating for users to be welcomed by unwanted background music. Your website, unless it is for a music portfolio or what not, does not need music playing in the background. If you REALLY need music on your site, at least be sure to give the user the option to turn it off.


This same thing goes for videos; do not have automatic videos pop up and play, unless you are giving the user the option to turn it off.




Not having your social media connected

You want your users to see you as an active piece on the web. Having your social media connected to your website is a great way to do so. You want your brand present, and give users the ability to connect with you in different forms.


In the footer of your website, be sure to include icons and links that direct users to your social media accounts. Additionally, sync your various feeds along the side bar of your website, so that users have the ability to view your social media feeds, from your website in real-time. This allows your users to gage your engagement with them— the more they engage, the more they will trust your business.


By not having any social media accounts or links to them, makes your user believe you have no interest in connecting with them.




Hard to navigate and slow loading speed

We put these two issues together because they seem to go hand in hand.


It is curial that everything important that your website offers, should be easy to find; this also includes your contact information and about page. Ideally, whatever information your user wants, should be accessible within 10-15 seconds. If it takes them longer than that, people begin to get frustrated. Now, more than 10-15 seconds may not seem like a long time, but people have a very short attention span, and when they want certain information, they want it right away.


Furthermore, if your website takes forever to load- game over. Not only will users get very turned off by a hard to navigate site, but they will get more frustrated if they do find what they want and it takes a very long time to load. In this case, having a good hosting company is crucial.


There are more ways people can be turned off by your site, but these are our personal top three ways. We believe that if you fix these key three elements of your website, it will continue to drive traffic that turns to leads, which turn into profits.

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