Ways to Enhance Your Reach & Engagement on Facebook


Many people have started to believe that Facebook is a dying form of social media, however, 66% of monthly facebook users, use it daily- that is almost 1.7 billion people a day! While they mostly use it on their mobile devices and are not on it super long (roughly 10-15 mins), you want to be sure that the Facebook posts you make grab the users attention right away and make a lasting impact.


Especially since there are over 80 million business pages.


So how are you going to generate more engagement and reach on Facebook? With some ideas taken from our favourite social media blog, and ideas of our own, we have figured out a few ways you can use Facebook to the best of its abilities, for your business.


Engaging content between your website link posts

This is very obvious, but sometimes it is the obvious that we overlook. You really want to research your audience and see what type of posts they respond to post. Take a look at similar pages ad understand what your followers and potential new followers will respond to. You want your audience to engage in your content and fall in love with it, before you start posting links to drive traffic to your site.


The reason behind this, is that Facebook algorithms will notice your page getting a lot of traffic, and will favour it due to the engagement— then once you post links, it will have the same reaction.



Play to the strengths of Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is the top mobile app by number of downloads, and of that, 31% of businesses use the Messenger app. It has 1.3 billion users sending 8 billion messed between businesses and people every month!


It is used to communicate between users and business and because of that is being integrated into social media marketing. You are able to interact with your audience; if you are away and cannot answer right away, you can set up a robot that instantly replies to most F.A.Qs.


Link as a first comment

Facebook does not really like to send people away form its platform onto another site. If you post a link, the chances of it reaching a lower audience is high, since algorithms will pick uptake fact that you are trying to send the user off the platform.


In order to avoid that, you can create a post without the link, having it as a longer caption and then if they want more information, to click the link the comment. That’s right, simply changing where you post the link will help you to trick the algorithm into showing your post to more people, despite having a link.



Boost your posts

Create a budget that includes the amount you will set aside simply to boost your posts. By boosting your post, you are able to target your key audience directly. It is a veer effective day to reach the audience you already have, plus putting yourself out there to people who may not have had the chance to encounter you just yet.


Analyze the post popular posts

It is always a good idea to back and look at what you have already posted and see how they have compares to the ones that have not done well. Understanding a posts analytics is key in order to adjust your future posts,


Did a certain video do better than a photo graphic one day, but not the next? Why was that?


The great thing about Facebook, is that it has its post analytics are part of the platform, making it easy for you to make your analysis.


Interact with your audience

Interacting with your audience gives your business a personal aspect. It shows you are a real person behind your posts and truly care for the audience that engages with it. Make it a priority for you to reply and post comments. If someone has taken the time to give feedback, give them the courtesy of acknowledging it.


Using the live video feature is also an excellent way to engage your audience. Use it for BTS work, Q & As, showcasing an event and more.


From a branding point of view, and from a sales and service point of view, it encourages audience from all aspects.



Do not over do it

Keeping things short and to the point is crucial these days, since people are too busy to really read and engage with long posts. Like we mentioned at the beginning, an average user only spends about 10 to 15 minutes on Facebook. They want to be able to quickly skim through. Learn to make your posts impactful in less than a 150 characters.


The advice we have given is given as a general umbrella. Not all posts will fall under this advice. Be sure to figure out what works best for you. Your audience wants real, stay away from fake and unreliable engagement.

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