17 Rules to Making an Amazing Website

What Makes a Website Standout?

What comes to your mind I say the word ‘website’? Easy to use, interactive, attractive, user-friendly? Well, these are but a few things a client looks for when using a website. And I thought why not go into a little bit of detail regarding the rules a developer should keep in mind when designing his or her website!

If you visit my upcoming blog you will see that during these times when there has been an immense advancement in technology, business and individuals often employ tools like websites for digital marketing and increasing customer satisfaction. And if the website is not user-friendly, it can bring a lot of harm to them. So without any further delay, here are 20 points you need to keep in mind in order to create a successful website.

Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Make sure there are no loading problems on your website. A user hates it when it keeps on buffering!
  2. Security! There is nothing more inconvenient than having a hacker hack your website and leave no trace of it. Keep you website security up to date at all time. Your life depends on it!
  3. Pick and focus on one major social media forum to use instead of using all of them. By this, I do not mean that do not use any other. You can have more than one social media accounts but you need to make sure that the one with the greater following gets your major attention. I prefer Facebook because of its greater accessibility.
  4. Timely planning is the key to everything! Make a business plan for your website. Jot down where you see yourself in 10 months time. Make update schedules and revenue forecasts!
  5. Keep your website active! Content like blogs, posts etc need to be regular. Inconsistency leads to a bad image. Pick a schedule and then stick to it.
  6. Keep your domain name easy so that people will remember it. Avoid using punctuation because it makes it difficult to recall the website name.
  7. Bringing traffic to your website can be tricky so do not just use one tool. Images, videos, Social Media, Digital Marketing such as Email are all equally significant. Use them!
  8. Be a people’s person! Make it easier for the user to be able to contact you. Create a ‘Contact Us’ section and leave an email address you use actively. And on top of that, take time out to listen to them, answer their queries without getting offended.
  9. In connection to the aforementioned point, DO NOT react negatively to comments or email. Sure people get wayy ahead of themselves sometimes, but then everyone has a right to his or her opinion. People might not agree with you and you might not agree with them, but that is as far as it should go.
  10. If you are having trouble with something, do not shy away from asking. There is no shame in trying to know something you don’t. The more you ask, the more you learn!
  11. Pay for your advertisement, if necessary, in order to attract more and more people to your website. The internet is a competitive market and people will do anything to promote their business. An advertisement is the best way to bring in more traffic.
  12. Innovation is the key to everything successful! Keep on searching for new ideas and ways to make your website better constantly. Technology is about innovation. Make sure you are up to date with the latest trends.
  13. Do not allow anyone to rip you off when it comes to money! Sign agreements and contracts with your partners as well as clients. People will stop at nothing to snub your money. Better to be safe than sorry!
  14. Follow a theme. Make your website pretty. An attractive looking website plays a very important role in keeping the user occupied. Make sure you exploit that!
  15. Larger fonts are always welcome. Do not make the font on your website so small that visually impaired people have a hard time reading it. Make everything on your website visible.
  16. Create a website that is easy to use. Complicated language, unclear commands and directions will not get you the popularity your website deserves. Make it easier for people with little or no knowledge of the internet to navigate through your website.
  17. Disappointments will come your way throughout your life, but do not at any time, give up! Move forward for whatever does not kill you, only makes you stronger.

So these are a few of the rules I suggest you follow to make your website as successful as any other. However, if you have any others that you would like to share, feel free to let me know by commenting in the section below.

Until next time!


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