Everyday Apps That You Should Have for Your Business


Since you use your smartphone for pretty much everything, why not use your phone for your business as well? From notes, to inventory, to accepting payments, a lot can be done on your phone. Having apps that make everyday business tasks easier are a huge help and more time efficient. You are able to get so much done on the go! These apps, are just a few of hundreds that are used daily by various businesses to keep them sane and on track with the click of a button.


EverNote: Evernote allows for you to focus on all your key information, in one spot- and over various devices. You can create to-do lists, scan handwritten notes, add links, texts, images; pretty much anything you need to have down. You are able to create different books, and notes within those books. Additionally, you can share your work with anyone. What’s more, is that you can create agendas, craft entire presentations and memos as well.


Momentum: Sometimes staying motivated is very hard. While this is not a mobile app, this Google Chrome extension can be your personal dashboard that displays everything you need to get motivated, stay on track and accomplish your goals. From to-do lists to inspirational quotes, this function is like your own cheerleader!

Square: If you are running a business that requires you to accept payments, doing so on the go right away is made easy by this app. It comes with a free card reader that allows your mobile or tablet to turn into a personal wireless register. Its functions are easy to use, and works with QuickBooks, allowing you to instantly record your transactions.


QuickBooks: A favourite app amongst small and new businesses. It enables you to view your balance, print checks, send and accept invoices and of course, it works seamlessly with your PayPal and/or bank accounts.


Focus: One of the biggest challenges faced by remote workers is the ability to focus without distractions coming up at you. With Focus, you are able to block of not only sites, but also other apps. The best part about this app, is that with the hit of a single hotkey, you can turn the service on. There is a scheduler that enables the service to turn on automatically.


Slack: This is the ultimate messaging app between team-mates in a business. Whether you work in the same office or not, this quick messaging service allows you to send instant messages, links, images etc. One of its more cooler features, is that you can sort out your conversations not just based on groups, but also based on projects, clients and even hashtags!

TRIPIT: Work can also mean travel. This travel organizer, puts all your plans into one single online itinerary, that can be accessed on various devices. It will group together your airline, car, hotel and any other reservations and tickets you have for the trip.

You can also set it up to have your work emails forwarded to you, know of delayed flights and pretty much stay up to date on anything regarding your travel.

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