How to Build Your Brand and Maintain It

One of the key things you have to account for is your brand, before you launch a business. What is your brand identity? What makes you original, and helps you stand out? Many folks in the business world can tell you that building a brand for yourself is one of the hardest things to do. It is an image of the company that has to flow from your business cards, to your web design, to your social media. Even your domain name is considered to be a part of this “brand” that you are creating. While you can pay to hire graphic designers to create this brand, it can get a bit pricy when you are just starting out. So what are some alternative tips for you to create it yourself on a tight budget? Here are some ways for you to find your brand, build it and sustain it (these are not in any particular order).

Uncover your brand personality

There are many ways for you to discover what your brand personality is. Now, chances are that you’ve already got this part somewhat down since you already have a business idea, plan etc. You may also have a team in place to guide you but, if you do not and are in on this solo, one of the ways in which you can find this is through quizzes. There are tonnes of online quizzes that can be very helpful, but one of the best ones we have found is: . This quiz gives you your brand archetype and gives your a powerful model to craft your brand around. It looks at not just artistic triggers, but also psychological that can shape your brand.

Create Your Brand’s Creative Elements

This point is a given for any brand- the creative elements. This the voice of the brand through its look, feel, fonts, colours, logos, etc. You must evaluate your target audience; from its web design to its social media channels, the audience you attract is crucial on these platforms. Look into your audiences age, gender, profession and the competition that is targeting the same type of people.

Implement Brand Strategies  

Experts rightfully claim that a brand identity is built over time. There are may strategies that take place for you to grow your brand and overtime it’s more effortless than before. This is the time to make yourself known on key social media channels (you do not need to be on everything, again see where your target audience frequents). Make sure the posts, content etc. that you create are easily accessible on all the platforms you choose.  

Analyze and Refine

What has worked? What has not? Is there a way you can improve branding? These are some questions that should always be in the back of your mind. A key factor to be aware of is your website. This is where your products and services are generally the most on display. Making sure your website is constantly user friendly and searchable are small things to ensure traction of customers. Cenisa offers web maintenance that does just that- we make sure the back end of your site is always functioning for your customers.

Get Help from the Right People

Like it is mentioned before, sometimes working with graphic designers or other marketing firms to create and maintain your brand, can get pricy. However, there are many affordable ways for you to work with a third party and get the help you need. One of those companies is Cenisa. For our services take a look at: . From web design to branding to web maintenance it is a one stop shop.

Conduct a brand audit

First of all, a brand audit is a screening process to see exactly where you fit in the marketplace. You want to see if your product or services are beneficial for customers, and how they will view it. By doing a brand audit, you are able to see where you fit in, where there is room for growth, what your competition is doing that works and what does not work. Do you need a better web design? Do you need better maintenance? Is your web hosting and web presence strong enough? All this comes into play when doing a brand audit.

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