Choosing The Best Mobile App Development Technology

Which  Mobile App Development Technology should You Choose?

In today’s world with technology ever evolving, one cannot simply decide what kind of application to develop and how to get it developed. This in one though is a decision that entrepreneurs and small startup owners alike, have to make sooner or later into their business. You may even have a great idea! But what kind of development technology should you use, well that is where most individuals get stuck.

We are here to help you explore the many different mobile app development technologies that exist and hopefully, by the end of this blog, you will be able to make an informed decision about the technology you need to use for your app!

So let’s get started, shall we?

Before we decide which technology will best suit your needs, we must first get into the different types of apps that exist:

  1. Native mobile apps: This kind of app is one that is developed to be ‘native’ to a specific platform: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android or Windows Phone. The major advantage of a native app is that it enhances the user experience. The app works more quickly as it is developed for one platform only.
  2. Hybrid mobile apps: What makes an app a hybrid? A hybrid app can be installed on a device like a native app can, but it runs through a web browser. These apps are built using a language called HTML5. They are a cross between a native and a web app. In recent years, such apps have been gaining popularity.
  3. Web apps: There are three major types of web apps: traditional, responsive and adaptive. Traditional web apps comprise any website. A responsive web app changes its design based on the device it is being used on. An adaptive web app, in contrast, does not change its design. It displays the same design but tends to alter it to fit the various screen sizes of a mobile device.

If you have decided which kind of application you need to satisfy your business needs, then you can easily tell your developer what it is you want and he or she can use a suitable technology to create it for you. So all you need to do is sit down with a developer or carry out your own research. See what kinds of apps exist. Take a look at the most famous apps and check to see what kind they are. Then based on the apps you like and the kind that you want to use as an example for your own app, you can choose the type and thus the technology will be laid out for you. It is as simple as that!

We are hoping that now you have a much clearer idea in your mind as to what kind of app you want and what kind of technology would go into developing it.

If you think our blog helped you come to a decision, visit us and grab a quote today. Cenisa Software Inc. will be more than happy to develop your application with the most appropriate technology.

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